Are Tips or Gratuities Expected for House Cleaning Technicians?

Tipping has become a normal part of our culture and economy whether you tip your delivery driver, your nail tech, or your dog groomer. But what about the person who cleans your home? This is a question we commonly hear at Jeannie Cleaning. Honestly, the answer depends on you. Tipping is not required or expected, but is always greatly appreciated by the technician who cleans for you.

Everyone has different attitudes towards service industries and tipping. While it’s generally accepted to tip a hairdresser or your Uber driver, other service professionals are often left out of this practice of showing appreciation.

Many people tip their cleaning technician regularly or for one-time cleaning services anywhere from 10%-20% and many more give tips generously at the end of the year. If there is more than one cleaning technician involved, tips are split accordingly.

Show Them Some Love…

House cleaning is hard work. People who choose this career, generally do it because they love to clean and more importantly, they love to help others have better lives. They have a heart of service and for bringing joy into your home. It’s so important to them to know that the work they are doing is helping and pleasing to others. 

Giving your house cleaning technician a tip impacts them in two ways:

  1. They feel the love you have for the way they make your home a cleaner and calming environment
  2. It helps them cover the increased costs they are experiencing for gas, food and their family needs
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Options for Tipping

When you are ready to Show Some Love to your cleaning tech by giving a tip, you have a few options to choose from. There is the tried and true practice of leaving a cash tip. Then there is also the option of giving something other than cash such as gift cards. Many cleaning businesses also offer the option of adding a tip onto your payment either with a check or on a credit card payment.

Jeannie cleaning now has the option to “Show Some Love” by adding a tip directly to your payment via the follow up email you receive after each cleaning. For recurring service, you can choose to set up your tip to be automatically added after each cleaning or you can add it yourself each time. The “Add a Tip” option is on the comment form sent after your cleaning visit as shown here…

Things to Consider When Tipping Your House Cleaner

Tipping for house cleaning services is not as cut-and-dried as what you give your restaurant server or bartender. Your house cleaner does more for you than just cleaning your home. The work that they do allows you to have more free time for the things that matter most, such as spending time with loved ones, growing your business or recovering from an injury or illness. Here are some things to consider before adding your tip:

  • The level of cleaning needed in your home. If this is a first time cleaning and your home requires more “elbow grease” to get it sparkling, then you should take that into account.
  • Of course, how satisfied are you with the service you received? If they “wowed” you, then by all means, show them some love. Think of how many times you have tipped people who weren’t perfect but still worked hard to get the job done. If something could be done better, then by all means, provide some constructive feedback which is important to help them improve.
  • A sincere “thank you” is also a nice touch. This is not an easy job, so sharing a smile and a kind note, online review or positive feedback will make your house cleaner’s day!
  • Tip what you can afford. Only you know what is the best amount for you tip and you are never obligated to tip at all.

Here’s the Bottom Line on Tipping House Cleaners

Tipping is not required or even expected by your house cleaning technician. However, it’s a wonderful thing to “Show Some Love” to someone who did a good job. Choosing to give a tip whether every visit, occasionally, or once a year is something that really touches the heart of those cleaning for you and is a practical way to help our local economy and help the cleaning technician have a better life.

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