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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company: Why Jeannie Cleaning Stands Out

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for household cleaning services is steadily increasing. With hectic schedules and bustling lifestyles, many homeowners are seeking assistance in maintaining a clean and organized living space. While the option of hiring an individual cleaner might seem appealing, there are several compelling reasons why turning to a professional cleaning company…
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Understanding Home Cleaning Costs: What’s the Price and How Do We Calculate It?

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing work, family, and personal time can be quite the juggling act. With our schedules packed to the brim, it’s no surprise that many of us struggle to find the time and energy to keep our homes clean and tidy. That’s where residential cleaning services like Jeannie Cleaning come to the…
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2023 Making Lives Better Awards Winners

“When people join our team, we tell them you are not only cleaning homes for busy people, you are making their lives better,” says Jeannie Henderson, owner of Jeannie Cleaning. Serving customers and the community is a priority for Jeannie Cleaning. As part of our mission, the Jeannie Cleaning Team was inspired to start the…
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Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Playroom Tidy and Organized

How do you feel when you step into your child’s messy playroom? It can be an ongoing struggle to corral all the toys, books, art supplies, and games. Kids today seem to accumulate more than any previous generation. As loving parents, we want to provide our children with the chance to learn and grow through…
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2022 Making Lives Better Awards Winners

House cleaning is a very personal service and it allows busy families and individuals to have more time for the things that matter most, especially spending precious time with family and friends. “When people join our team we tell them, you are not only cleaning homes for busy people, you are making their lives better.”…
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Professional Cleaners cleaning a home

Are Tips or Gratuities Expected for House Cleaning Technicians?

While it’s generally accepted to tip a hairdresser or Uber driver, other service professionals are often left out of this practice.
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Little girl giving mom a Mother's Day gift.

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day #MOMTIME

A mom’s work is never done. School activities, shopping, laundry, cooking, sports practice, music lessons, feed the cat, dentist appointments and on and on. It’s always a challenge to get mom the perfect gift – one that makes her feel loved and appreciated and that she will always remember.  This Mother’s Day, Jeannie Cleaning wants…
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Jeannie Cleaning partners with The Aroma Labs to Create their Signature Scent, “Wishes Come True”

“Wishes Come True” is a custom scent created by the Jeannie Cleaning Team at The Aroma Labs in Downtown Kalamazoo. This bright and energizing scent calls to mind the freshness of a dewey spring meadow washed by the morning rain and warmed by the sunshine. Our signature blend begins with the scents of Lily of…
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Spring Cleaning Helps Your Family Stay Happy & Healthy

As soon as the weather begins to warm, just like the birds happily welcoming spring, people begin to get the urge for “nesting”. It’s instinctive to want to create a place where we feel comfortable The past two years have opened our eyes to the need for a healthy home environment. Spring is an obvious…
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Jeannie Cleaning Supports Share The Warmth Coat Drive

Throughout the entire month of October, Jeannie Cleaning along with over 25 other businesses throughout the county are acting as donation sites for winter wear. Now is the time to go through and clean out your closets before the Michigan Winter comes in. This year there is going to be a greater for donated coats,…
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Jeannie Cleaning Gives Free Disinfectant

There was No Fooling on April 1st at Jeannie Cleaning. We turned our empty parking lot into a drive thru bottle refill station. Offering hospital grade disinfectant to the community, we were able to see a lot of familiar faces and some new. Many people were thankful to receive disinfectant as many stores in town…
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Tips to Sanitize Your Home During Flu Season

Tips to Sanitize your home during Flu season. Since the flu, colds and other bugs are often spread through touch, it’s important to regularly clean the most touched areas in your home. Here are some helpful hints and advice on cleaning your house to prevent the flu and after a flu diagnosis so you can…
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Jeannie Recommends…Floor Covering’s International

Is new flooring on your list of things to update? Are you confused on where or how to start the process? Who can you trust? What are the differences in flooring products? Some people are overwhelmed by the process and don’t start their project for many years. There are so many questions! Will the flooring…
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We Are All Natural

In our effort to improve your cleaning experience with Jeannie Cleaning, we are excited to announce we will begin using a new line of all-natural cleaning products. The cleaning power of these new biodegradable cleaning solutions is derived from plant and Earth-sourced ingredients that are safe for use around food, humans, pets and plant-life. They…
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Jeannie Cleaning is Cleaning for A Reason!

October 15th, was the first of many service days for Jeannie Cleaning, Kalamazoo based house cleaning service. The goal was to raise awareness for Cleaning For A Reason and give cancer patients a sparkling home so they can focus on their health. The team along with volunteers committed their hands and hearts to clean for…
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Jeannie Recommends… Dave’s Glass Service

People around Kalamazoo often ask us to recommend other businesses for services in their home. Jeannie Cleaning has recommended many great businesses over the years and now we’ve decided to share more. Jeannie Cleaning is proud to provide cleaning services to the Greater Kalamazoo area. We are often asked for recommendations for non-cleaning related services.…
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Moving On Up!

After nearly three years of operating out of a 500 square foot office we moved to our new home off Romence Road in Portage. This updated office in the Hillside Center provides great space for storage, laundry and our office staff. This new transition will provide better training for our Jeannie’s, which in turn will…
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We are Cleaning for A Reason

At Jeannie Cleaning, we care about our clients and our community! We are proud to be Cleaning For A Reason! Cleaning for a Reason is an international nonprofit that serves people with undergoing treatment for cancer. The company is dedicated to helping make life easier for these men and women by giving the gift of…
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Jeannie Cleaning Supports the SPCA

For the month of March, we asked our clients and our team to help support our local SPCA, by donating items for the upcoming Puppy and Kitten Shower. We collected everything from dog food, kitty litter, toys, blankets, treats and play structures. Our hope is that these new kittens and puppies will find homes quickly…
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Supporting Loved Ones Through A Health Crisis

When the life of a loved one is suddenly impacted by serious illness or injury, all we want to do is make things better. It’s so hard to know where to start, what to say and how to make their journey through this time less uncomfortable. Receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness or experiencing…
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GUESTS ARE ON THE WAY! Clean your home in one hour!

Article shared from Heart of Texas Corners Magazine. Here comes the holiday season! In preparation, you decorate. You prepare your traditional treats. And you shop! Filling your home with what feels like double-the-normal amount of clutter. Keeping your home clean during the busy holidays can be a challenge! This season brings many opportunities to entertain…
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I Just Want To Smell Like A Campfire

“The friendship we share grows amidst the craggy rock pond; reeds of water spray fireflies scented with bonfires.” – Bradley Chicho
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Organizing and Storage Ideas to Help You Spend More Time Enjoying Summer (article featured in The Heart of Texas Corners magazine) With summer days getting shorter, now is a great time to prepare for all the outdoor fun that you don’t want to miss before the season ends. Our community and our beautiful state of…
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Get Connected to Local Business: Easy On Hold

If you operate a business, you know that effective communication with your customers and prospective customers helps keep your business growing and successful. Julie Cook Brown and the team of experts at Easy on Hold create effective message on hold productions, voice mail, greetings, recordings, announcements, phone on hold, hold button custom messages for small,…
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Thank God for Dads

God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree, The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea, The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night, The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle’s flight, The joy of a morning in spring, The faith of…
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