Tips to Sanitize Your Home During Flu Season

Tips to Sanitize your home during Flu season.

Since the flu, colds and other bugs are often spread through touch, it’s important to regularly clean the most touched areas in your home. Here are some helpful hints and advice on cleaning your house to prevent the flu and after a flu diagnosis so you can prevent further outbreak.

Some obvious examples.

Areas that need regular sanitizing.

Since the flu virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 7 days, pay special attention to disinfecting those key spots such as:

  • tabletops
  • counter tops
  • remote controls
  • computer keyboards
  • sinks
  • light switches
  • faucet handles
  • tub and toilet (including the entire seat and the toilet handle).

Other areas you might not think of

These days it’s also important to clean your cell phone often because it carries lots of bugs on it. Your phone needs to be cleaned often because it touches your face several times a day. That’s where infection can enter the body. Your car also has several hot spots like the door handles, buttons, steering wheel and the gear shift.

Don’t stop once you’re feeling better!

It’s a good idea to replace toothbrushes after being sick. For newer or more expensive toothbrushes, add some hydrogen peroxide to a cup {enough to completely submerge the bristles} and allow to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water when you are done.

Wash all clothing, bedding and any contaminated stuffed animals in hot water. To sanitize kiddie items such as non-electric plastic/metal toys, sippy cups, teething rings, bottle nipples and dishes, wash items first then soak them for two minutes in a solution of 2 teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water. Rinse in warm water then air dry.

All natural can do the job!

All natural cleaning products can disinfect your home just as good if not better than harsh chemical products. Except natural cleaning products won’t expose your family to harmful toxins. A blend of water, white vinegar and essential oils is very effective at killing germs. With all disinfectants, be sure to allow the surface to stay wet for at least 60 seconds before wiping clean.

A word to the wise.

Clean hands are just as important as a clean house, especially during flu season. To kill germs, you’re your hands all over with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. (For kids, sing “Happy Birthday” twice.)

While the list may sound long, it really doesn’t take too long to run through – other than waiting on all that laundry!! Remember that if you are able to confine those that are sick to just a few spaces in the home {usually the bedroom, a bathroom, and the sofa!}, it will be a lot less to clean!

Get some help.

Jeannie Cleaning can help you to not be powerless when it comes to keeping the illness at bay. A top-to-bottom detail cleaning can be the final step on your healing path. One simple call is all it takes to have that extra help to put your home back in the healthy zone.

Did you know?

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