In our effort to improve your cleaning experience with Jeannie Cleaning, we are excited to announce we will begin using a new line of all-natural cleaning products.

The cleaning power of these new biodegradable cleaning solutions is derived from plant and Earth-sourced ingredients that are safe for use around food, humans, pets and plant-life. They carry the ECOLOGO SEAL for reduced environmental impact.

Our new cleaning product line has a fresh orange scent which quickly dissipates. If you prefer no scent, we have another all-natural unscented product that can be used in its place. Please let us know if scent is a concern for you.

The products also do not contain any dyes or coloring. You may notice specifically that there will be no blue-colored cleaner left in your toilet bowl. This is a good thing, since the blue dye could stain the toilet bowl if left for a long period of time.

These products were chosen after much research due to their outstanding cleaning results while being non-toxic and biodegradable. We hope you enjoy knowing that your home is being cleaned with our great new all-natural cleaning solutions and by caring cleaning professionals whose #1 goal is your satisfaction.