Spring Cleaning Helps Your Family Stay Happy & Healthy

As soon as the weather begins to warm, just like the birds happily welcoming spring, people begin to get the urge for “nesting”. It’s instinctive to want to create a place where we feel comfortable The past two years have opened our eyes to the need for a healthy home environment. Spring is an obvious time to take advantage of the extra sunshine that seems to give us more energy.  March 27 – April 2 is National Cleaning Week…what better way to celebrate than cleaning your home?

Did you know the health benefits of spring cleaning can be both emotional and physical?

  1. Getting rid of clutter and dirt can help you feel calmer, and even think more clearly. Home relationships get better with less clutter. It’s great exercise and can even help you sleep better!
  2. Reducing the dust in your house can help everyone breathe easier as they inhale fewer irritants. 
  3. Removing bacteria and viruses from home surfaces helps to significantly reduce the spread of illness.
Cleaning your whole house can feel like eating an elephant. Just be sure to take one bite at a time. “

How do professional cleaners tackle Spring Cleaning?

The thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming. As professional cleaners, Jeannie Cleaning uses a team for large cleaning projects. So get your whole family involved. Crank up the music and make it fun. Here are some pro tips to get the work done enjoyably.

  1. Schedule it! -Having a plan helps get it done. Set aside blocks of time to Spring clean over a week or two. The most important thing to do is just START and then keep the momentum going.
  2. Break it into small tasks – Cleaning your whole house can be like eating an elephant. Take it one bite at a time just like the pros do.
    • Declutter First. It’s easier to clean surfaces when you don’t have to move items to get to them. Professionals can organize without getting distracted by personal items. Let go of the emotional connection to items as you clean and decluttering becomes much easier. 
    • Start with the biggest jobs. Begin in the most lived-in rooms in your home – likely the kitchen and bathrooms. When you tackle the hardest work first, the rest feels easier.
    • Finish off one room at a time. This is how professionals stay on task and get the home thoroughly cleaned. 
  3. Use the right tools and products – When you use the best tools you get the best results.
    • The pros use microfiber towels and mops. Microfiber acts like a magnet to dirt, and its high concentration of fibers effectively lifts pathogens from surfaces.
    • Natural cleaning products are safe for people, pets, and plants, and they work just as well as those containing toxic ingredients. There are many great all-natural cleaning products available or you can make your own. (See Recipe)
    • Have a step-stool and extension dusters to reach high places to capture dust and cobwebs.
    • A good vacuum is the best tool for removing dirt and dust from your home. Choose one with HEPA filters and a hose and tools for upholstery, dusting, and crevices.
  4. Clean from Top to Bottom – Cleaning professionals know to clean high up first, ending with the floor, to keep the dust and dirt moving towards where you will clean last.
  5. Celebrate! It’s time to reward yourself for completing this work and giving yourself a sparkling clean home to enjoy. Order some takeout and savor it without messing up your shiny kitchen. Breathe in the freshness of the air in your home. It will surely smell and feel wonderful from all of your spring cleaning efforts. 
  6. Keep it up! – Another thing that professional cleaners do is maintain the cleanliness of your home. Now that you have it sparkling clean, schedule maintenance cleaning each week or every other week just like the pros do.

Now is the time to start your Spring Cleaning plan. Use these tips to make your home Spring fresh and keep it that way. You and your family will enjoy the health benefits of exercise, cleaner air. less clutter and a calming and safer home environment.

Jeannie Henderson is the CEO of Jeannie Cleaning in Portage and is a Business Coach. She lives in Texas Township with her husband and business partner, Terry. Learn more at jeanniecleaning.com

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

  • ¼ C White Vinegar
  • 1 ¾ C Water
  • 30 Drops Essential Oil (Blend of any favorites)

Mix in a glass spray bottle since essential oils will break down plastic over time.
Use this to clean all surfaces such as counters, glass, appliances, walls and floors

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