You’re getting ready to sell your home and know that you should make some improvements. But how do you figure out which improvements will have the greatest impact on the sale price of your home?

It’s always good to consult with a REALTOR® before making any major improvements. They will know what’s most important to buyers in your area. Often, these agents will advise homeowners to do as little as possible. In a recent, Prepare-To-Sell national study conducted by HomeGain®, 1,000 real estate agents ranked home improvements based on their return on investment.

The surprising news is that the greatest return on investment, by far, was Cleaning & De-Cluttering with a whopping 896% rate of return and being recommended by 98% of agents. This was followed by Home Staging at 586% and Lighten and Brighten at 572%. Click here for the full study…

Getting your home ready to sell can be a stressful process. When it comes time to get the cleaning, de-cluttering and staging done, you might consider hiring a professional. You’ll be amazed at what an experienced cleaning service can do in a short period of time! They specialize in cleaning the areas that don’t get cleaned regularly like baseboards, vents, and switch plates. You can even hire them to clean and de-clutter all of your cabinets and closets. You can bet that your prospective buyers will be noticing these areas along with opening your refrigerator, looking in your garage and storage rooms too. When you’re ready to sell, get a free estimate from Jeannie & Co. for all your cleaning, organizing and staging needs. We can even schedule carpet cleaning and window washing for you too. We love what we do and we’d love to help increase the sale price of your home!