Making Lives Better Awards Finalists

Congratulations on being selected as finalist for the 2023 Making Lives Better Awards.  Below you’ll find information on promoting your nomination and instructions for submitting your finalist package that could earn you up to $2000.

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Finalists Rules

All finalists are required to submit the form linked below by July 15th.

Your submission will populate the final voting page and inform the public about your amazing efforts.

The form includes a written section and a video submission. The form soes not save progress, so be sure to submit the form all at once.

Written Portion

The written portion of your submission will ask for basic contact & organization information along with the following questions.

  • What do you do to Make Lives Better for Others in Kalamazoo?
  • How long have you done this?
  • How does this impact the lives of those you serve or help? AND how many lives have you impacted?

Video Submission

Please submit a video up to 3min in length that explores the 3 qustions above. Your videop can take any format (ex: interview, voiceover with b-roll, taking head), it should explain who your are, what you do and the impact you have brought oto the area.

We will be adding a Making Lives Better intro and outro to the video.

Video Requirements:

  • Up to 3min
  • Format: mp4

Finalist package subimssion deadline has passed.

(Form will require logging in with a Google Account.)

Promotion Assets

Congratulations again on your nomination as a finalist for the 2023 Making Lives Better Awards.

You deserve to brag about your good works.

We’ve put together a few materials for you to share your good news with your community.

Nomination Promotion

Please use the official graphics linked under “Promote my Nomination”. We’ve also included a draft message you can use or edit to suit your brand voice.

Earning Votes

Your community will be able to vote for you starting July 24th. They will be able to cast a vote once per day. So, be sure to encourage them to vote daily.

We’ve included a few graphics and a message under “Voting Phase” for you to use.

Good Luck!

Voting Phase Assets

Please use the graphics linked below:

Voting Message:

Vote for us TODAY!

We’re a 2023 Making Lives Better finalist and need your help. With your votes we can win up to $2000, which will help us continue to make lives better in the Kalamazoo area.

Cast your vote daily here:

Voting Ends August 6th.

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Winners Announced

2023 Making Lives Better Awards winners - Coming Soon!